Google now offers more money saving options when you're trip planning


The Verge · 2017-08-30 22:25

The Verge · 2017-08-30 22:25

If you’re a flexible kind of traveler, Google is releasing an update to search that might help save some money the next time you’re flying somewhere. A new tab under Google’s Flights search, called Flight Insights, now shows you tips to make your travel a little more cost-efficient, such as flying on a different day, landing in a different airport, or checking to see how airfares vary over time on a graph. These are features similar to what you’d find on aggregator sites like Kayak and Orbitz, but now Google is making them more visually easy to sort though.

如果你是一个行程灵活的旅行者的话,Google正在推出搜索上的更新,它可能会让你在飞往下一个目的地的时候节约点机票钱。在Google的Flights搜索下面有一个叫做Flight Insights的新标签,它会告诉你一些旅行省钱的小妙招,比如在另外的一天起飞,在不同的机场降落,或者用图像展示出机票价格的走势。这些功能与那些集合网站类似,例如Kayak和Orbitz,但是Google正在让它在视觉上变得更加简单易整理。

For example, there’s now a calendar view for you to check what fares look like if you fly in / out a few days before or after the date you originally searched for. You can also sort through price graphs for a weekly or monthly basis at hotels to see if you’re getting a good rate for a particular time of year.


Google will also expand map view to show nearby airports that might help save on flight costs. This appears alongside an estimated travel time between various airports and your destination, so you can weigh out whether the savings are worth the distance. The update today arrives first on the mobile web; Google says desktop support is coming later this year.



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