Amazon just unveiled a better alternative to vending machines


Business Insider · 2017-08-16 16:27

Business Insider · 2017-08-16 16:27

For its latest service offering, Amazon is reinventing the vending machine.


Called Amazon Instant Pickup, the new service will allow customers to pick up items within minutes of ordering them, according to Reuters. That's faster than the hours that Amazon Prime Now requires — and much faster than traditional shipping options.

根据路透社透露,这款叫做Amazon Instant Pickup的全新服务将可以让用户们在下完订单后的几分钟内收取到货物。这比Amazon Prime目前的几小时取货时间更短—而这比传统的物流选择快太多了。

Customers order from the Amazon app and use a barcode to access their purchase, which can include snacks, drinks, and essentials like phone chargers. An Amazon employee fills the Instant Pickup locker within minutes of the order.

用户在Amazon app上下单,并可以用条形码查看他们的购买,商品包括零食、饮料和一些例如手机充电器的基本用品。Amazon的员工将在几分钟内把商品放在Instant Pickup的取货柜里。

The service is designed for impulse, need-it-now purchases, and it uses Amazon locations already in operation for traditional pickups on college campuses.


Think of Instant Pickup like a large vending machine with a staff of one. An Amazon representative told Reuters that some items could be cheaper if you chose to buy them with Instant Pickup rather than selecting traditional shipping, but they did not go into more detail on specific pricing.

将Instant Pickup设想成一个只有一个员工的大型自动贩卖机。一位Amazon的发言人告诉路透社,一些商品在Instant Pickup上购买比选择传统物流方式要更便宜,但是他们也没透露更多关于价格的细节。

Instant Pickup gives Amazon yet another foothold in the physical world, which it is increasingly looking to occupy after announcing in June that it would purchase Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.

Instant Pickup为Amazon在现实世界里提供了另一个立足点,而这正是它在六月用137亿美金收购Whole Foods之后迫切需要占领的领域。

Instant Pickup is already available in five locations, including the University of California at Berkeley and UCLA. Amazon says it will expand the service to its 22 college campus locations by the end of this year. Like most new Amazon services, it's for Prime customers only.

Instant Pickup已经在五个地点开放了,包括加州大学伯克利分校和洛杉矶分校。Amazon表示将在今年底把据点扩展到22个校园。与众多Amazon的新服务一样,它仅限于Prime客户。(8月16日)


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